Slinkies and Amplification

A friend at school attached a slinky to a box today for part of a project. The best part was that the box worked as a surprisingly good amplifier. It was fun to see how fundamentally simple amplification actually is…...

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Reordering Pixels

I played with reordering pixels in an image based on their brightness or color. It’s not particularly novel, but I thought it would be fun.

I started with black/white/grey images since ordering on a greyscale is straightforward while ordering...

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Synthesizing Images Part II

Continuing on the path of Sythesizing images, this time using noise functions to help make it look more organic.

Code snippet:

int val = ofNoise( i / 50.0, j / 50.0)...

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Defining classes and more animation

I updated the animation from yesterday so that if I clicked I could add a new set of spinning triangles. To do this I created a spiralObject class, created a vector for the multiple spiralObjects, and added spiralObjects to the...

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Warm Fuzzies on a Windy Day

Had a pretty amazing day watching the marathon, cheering for a good friend from childhood in her last marathon race, and enjoying a run myself and the largest donut I’ve ever had. On the way home, I found myself wandering...

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Sarah's revelation - dictionaries, D3, and attributes

Sarah told me today that instead of defining attributes in D3 like this:

var k = svg.selectAll(“.squares”) .data(setUpRandData()) .enter() .append(‘rect’)

k.attr(“x”, function(d) { return d.x * sideLength; }) .attr(“height”, sideLength) .attr(“y”, function(d) { return d.y * sideLength; }) .attr(“width”,...

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Option symbol on keyboards is from electronic switches

Found out today that the “option” symbol ⌥ is a symbol for an electronic switch, specifically a “changeover switch” or “single pole, double throw.” In other words, a “2-way changeover switch directs the flow of current to one of two...

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Three ways to do something

I am very excited to start learning Open Frameworks!

I like the idea of using drawings and images as a form of input. I decided to play around with using another photo to color a line drawing.

Once I...

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Half Adder

Last Thursday I derived how to make a half adder out of 4 NANDs and a transitor, plus some switches, wire, and resistors on a breadboard. A “half adder” is able to add 0 plus 0, 0 plus 1, 1...

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A few more notes!

You’d think writing a blog post almost every day would mean that I would cover lots of the material. But, there is so much that I haven’t yet written. To catch up, here are a few things of note:

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Xcode Tips & Tricks

I’m just getting started with Xcode and Open Frameworks (OF). I asked Zach for some tips & tricks for debugging, figuring out what’s going on, and generally navigating xcode in useful ways. These include:

  • use “endl” with comments...
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Themes of Exploration

Fascinating morning with Zach today. On the first day, Zach told us that if we came away from the 10 weeks with really good questions, then it was a success.

In that vein, the inspiring questions today for creating...

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First Tasks for Learning Javascript & D3

Small Tasks that “Scaffold”

Last night in Amit’s class on learning and teaching code, we discussed the role of “small tasks” or “puzzles” as an early stage of learning to code.

Martin’s Challenges

Last year when I...

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Fun with Physics

In talking about animation, Zach introduced some work by Masahiko Sato that reveals the physics and math in everyday experiences.

Still from the video showing the path of the tail end of a thrown mallet:

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Logic Gates w/ Circuits

Homework was to use circuits to construct the 5 fundamental logic gates: NOT, AND, OR, NOR (Not Or), NAND (Not And). I also added the trivial Buffer case as well. Yay electricity! And logic! And physics!

Lesson learned: if nothing...

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Day 9 - Setting Up StopWork for Presentations

Ramsey has built a nice, simple program for HTML presentations. It’s based on Markdown, and embeds websites, videos, images, or shows text simply.

I wanted to use it to create a slideshow of the websites we’re referencing during the...

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On My Mind

There are a number of themes that have been on my mind over the last few months or years. I’ll probably spell these out later in the future, but thought it worth writing them down to document them.


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Day 7 Sound

Had a great conversation today with Nathan, a professional sound designer, about sound.

One highlight was contrasting the sound of a bike falling on the hardwood floor, which happened while we were talking, and the sound of rubbing your...

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Learning and Teaching are Better Together

I’ve long felt that the ideal school is one in which everyone takes on the role of both learning and teacher.

For students, it is incredibly empowering to be able to give to others. I’ve seen students grow so...

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Day 6 - A Few Thoughts

My Mom Was Right: Eniac was Pretty Awesome

When I was in third grade we chose an inventor and gave a report on the person and invention to the class. I really wanted to do the Wright Brothers, but...

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Day 2 - Binary Numbers

Highlights of Day 2 included:

  • Saving an image from Photoshop in raw format and opening it in Audacity as sound

  • Transforming a gray scale images stored with 8 bits per pixel into 8 black and...

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School for Poetic Computation - Day 1

October 1st is day 1 of SFPC. I’ll be spending the next 10 weeks in the Lower East Side of Manhattan to learn and create with 15 other amazing students and a number of teachers.

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